Upcoming Workshops:

Observing Our Nearest Neighbor, the MoonDaytime Moon

Online workshop for informal educators

June 18 - 29, 2018

Live sessions: 1-2pm Pacific on June 18, 25, 28


Join us for a two-week online workshop all about the phases of the Moon and how to share the finer details of this familiar phenomenon with audiences of various ages, from pre-K to adult in different settings. We will observe the Moon in the sky, noting its changing phases, its position in the sky, the time of day or night when we see it, and which surface features are highlighted during different phases. We’ll also share a selection of our favorite Moon phase and observation activities from several ASP programs including My Sky Tonight, Night Sky Network, and Astronomy from the Ground Up. We will discuss how observing the Moon is an accessible way to directly engage with an astronomical phenomenon and do some science!


The workshop includes three one-hour live sessions on June 18, 25, and 28. These interactive sessions are best experienced live, but they will also be recorded. Workshop participants will also engage in about three additional hours of asynchronous forum discussions, observations, and activities between live sessions, and observe the Moon two to three times per week leading up to the workshop.   


The registration deadline is June 10, but register sooner than later so you can get started with your pre-workshop Moon observations! To register for this free workshop, fill out this brief survey (<10min.): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MoonWorkshop2018



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