My name is Kevin Poe. I lead a small cadre of park ranger/astronomers at Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah. Each year we present over 100 astronomy presentations / public stargazing to a ever growing annual total of 35,000 people. Our attendees come from all over the globe (60% from outside of the U.S.) filling the experience spectrum from people who can't articulate the difference between astrology and astronomy, to astrophysicists who just want to get the big picture perspective of seeing the night sky splendor of America's last grand sanctuary of natural darkness -- 7.4 limiting eye magnitude sky!  We pride ourselves in high volume, high impact, interpretation at our telescopes, preceded by thrilling and educational powerpoint presentations.

You're welcome to download a few of my example shows, and even use slide(s) from my shows to supplement your own presentations -- as long as you promise to keep my embedded narration that goes with each slide.

Use ID name: AFGU and Password: skyrangers

Our efforts to advance the science of astronomy and champion the preservation of natural darkness has earned us the catchy play-on-words label "Dark Rangers." We have managed to not only draw the attention of the International Dark Sky Association (Former Bryce Canyon Dark Ranger Angela Richman sits on their Dark Sky Designation Committee), but the International Astronomy Union has also endorsed our efforts by renaming the asteroid formerly known as 49272 to "Bryce Canyon."

If you are ever in sourthern Utah please stop by and say hi!  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights (May - October) are astronomy nights at Bryce Canyon!